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What’s On Tap?

Here’s what I’ve got… last updated 2/26/2014


Lord Quackington’s ESB – 4.5% ABV – It’s your average ESB with some great toasty malt flavors.  Quite right, lad.

Berlinner Weisse – 3.4% ABV.  This light German sour beer is an easy drinking beer with a nice tart kick from some lactic acid created by bacteria added (on purpose) to the fermentation.


Bourbon Barrel Porter – 8.5%ABV – I bought a 10 gallon bourbon barrel from Garrison Brothers Distillery and me and fellow CIA member Mark Todd have brewed a robust porter full of chocolate notes and a velvety smooth background to age in it!  It turned out fantastic with some amazing vanilla and bourbon flavors from the barrel!  Only problem is that it doesn’t seem to be carbonating in the bottle.  I may try a few things to achieve carbonation, but for now, I can just drink them “cask style”.

Tallow Mead – 12.2% ABV – A sweet mead (honey wine) made using Tallow honey.  Brewed at the 2012 Cane Island Alers annual mead brew-in.  Should be ready to drink sometime in July, but I’ll probably age it until winter.

In The Fermenter:

The Unforgiven – This is going to be (hopefully) a 10% beer.  Stylistically I’m not sure where it would fall.  Good brown color, good malt variety (with some organic turbinado sugar added) and a few of my favorite hops.  It was supposed to be a Brown Sugga clone, but it’s more like a first cousin.

Cider – Just some cider.  Because HEB had some organic apple cider on sale.

Apple Pie Mead (Melomel) – Made with Texas Tallow honey and mixed with pure apple cider.  Sitting in secondary now on some traditional apple pie spices.  Looks like this one will end up at 16%.

Texas Twang – Jalapeno Honey Wine – A sweet mead made with genuine Texas tallow honey with a dozen grilled jalapenos thrown in to give it a KICK!

Pineapple Mead – Sweet Mead – Had some leftover must, so I decided to make a small batch of mead and throw in some fruit.  Just happened to have some fresh pineapple, so that’s what I went with.  Backsweetened with some pineapple concentrate.



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