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About Me and Thirsty Mallard Brewing

I’m Jeff.  I’m a homebrewer.  I’m also awesome, but primarily for this blog, I’m a homebrewer.

Thirsty Mallard Brewing is the name of my home brewery here in sunny Katy, Texas.

I’ve been brewing since 2005, when my friend and fraternity brother, Michael Sanguineti, taught me how to brew.  I brew 5 gallons, all-grain (usually) and usually keg my beer (I have a 4 tap kegerator at home).

I’ve made several batches and, to date, I’ve won three awards (a third place for a hefeweizen, a third for a strong scotch ale and a third for a Black Belgian IPA ).  I’m a member of the Cane Island Alers homebrew club here in Katy and a member of the Brewing Network Army (BN ARMY FOR LIFE!).

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Aside from brewing, I’m a father, an avid Houston and University of Houston sports fan and one HELL of a model American.


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