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Mead Update – 2/26/2014

Posted by Jeff on February 27, 2014

As I mentioned in a previous post, I have gotten into meads, lately.

Honestly, I really like their ease of brewing (add honey to water, shake, pitch yeast. Boom.)  Now I am just trying to find that recipe that makes a mead I like drinking as easily.  I brew them in 1-2 gallon batches.  I find this gives me the flexibility to find the type of mead I want to make.

Let’s see… first I made a standard mead.  Just  a regular 1.100 with Lalvin D-47.  Just to see what it would do.

Then I made a test Cyser.  Honey added to 1 gallon of apple juice.  1.098 with Lalvin D-47.  Just to see what cyser tastes like.

Next I brought back some honey from Nova Scotia after the wife and I took a Canadian cruise.  I wanted to make this one to see what flavor impacts a local honey can have to a finished mead.  The honey was very buttery and smooth.  Quite floral, as well.  True to form, the mead seems to be taking on some of those great qualities, as well.  (Side note, I also added about 4 oz. of pure maple syrup.  Because Canada.)

After that I made a cucumber mead.  Standard mead using processed mini-cucumbers.  It sounded interesting and I wanted to test how it would blend with my jalapeno mead (to make a cucumber jalepeno mead).

Finally, just recently, I made an apple pie mead.  Tallow honey and apple cider with a secondary fermentation on apple pie spices.  I also added some sugar to add some complexity.  After primary it tasted pretty good.  I’m excited to see what some age and spices can do to it.  It came out to 16%, which I am pretty happy with.

Now I still have a bucket of honey to play with, and I’m contemplating what to do with it.  I’m thinking of an oatmeal raisin cookie mead aged on rum soaked oak chips.


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