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Water Chemistry Can Kiss My Ass

Posted by Jeff on May 23, 2012

The title says it all.  But allow me to further my point, anyways.

I used to use the water that came from  my hose to make beer.  The water that comes from my hose is very hard and full of minerals.  Hard water tends to harshen the beer by accentuating harsh bitterness and lending a mineral-like flavor.

So I switched to water from a large Windmill dispenser in front of the local grocery.  That water touts that it is filtered a bajillion different ways and apparently, some have tested this and found it true.  So I started using it. Lo and behold, now I don’t have ENOUGH minerals in my water.

Unfortunately, this means that the last two beers I made, an American Pale Ale and a Black IPA, both which are meant to showcase some crispness and hops, were both flat and mediocre.  I know it’s my fault… but I can still be angry about it, damnit.  On the other hand, my imperial coffee chocolate stout came out awesome.  So… there’s that.

I’ve tried to avoid it, but it looks like I finally have to learn about water chemistry.  Lame.


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