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Update 4-7-2011

Posted by Jeff on April 7, 2011

Just another check-in.  Haven’t been doing any brewing lately as I am working on trying to build a brewstand.  I vowed to myself that I would not brew again until I had finished it.

Most of it is done, just having some issues with the burner and propane line and I need to build a new electric HLT.  (If you need to know how to build an electric HLT visit HERE.)

I’ll post the final picture on here when it is complete, but for now all pictures are here: CLICK.


One Response to “Update 4-7-2011”

  1. paul said

    I just finished my electric brew system. It was quite a bit of work, but well worth it. I used pid controllers to manage the elements very easy to use. After 18 yrs of freezing outside, now press a couple of buttons and stir. Just cranked out 4 batches this week to break it in. Hope you enjoy yours.

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