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This Is Not The Greatest Beer in the World, This is Only a Tribute

Posted by Jeff on March 23, 2011

So the Robust Porter I made last month is finally on tap… and it’s fantastic!  I really think it’s a smooth drinking beer and the roast, coffee and chocolate flavors are just enough that you can taste them, but they don’t overpower the drinker.  Even my mother and wife, both of whom very much dislike dark beer, thought it was good.

The only negative is a slightly sweet tangy flavor I get on the back of my tounge.  It may just be me, though.

I contacted the brewer for Ranger Creek and offered to send him a bottle for professional critique.  We’ll see if he can pick out the flavor as well…

One last note, I’ve decided not to call this beer “Arctic Blast Porter”.  For one, the name doesn’t really roll off the tongue.  Secondly, I think that anyone who enjoys

this beer should know where it came from.  And so, I’ve decided to start a new naming policy for clone recipes.  Henceforth I will dub all clone recipe beers as the “Tribute Series” and give credit to the original.

So, this beer will now be called, “Tribute Series: Ranger Creek Porter”.


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