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The First Brew of 2011?

Posted by Jeff on January 29, 2011

Trying to figure out what to brew next…

Here are the options:

Robust Porter – Recipe is a clone of Ranger Creek Brewing Co’s Mesquite Smoked Porter.  I want to make the base beer to see how it will come out and in the future, rebrew with smoked malt.

Black IPA – I love the style and would love to brew one.  Have recipes for a Widmer W10 clone and a Barley Brown’s Turmoil clone (GABF gold medal winner).

English Bitter – This is a recipe I found in a Northern Brewer catalog that sounds tasty.  It uses Simpsons Golden Naked Oats which are described as a caramel oat… which I think sounds really interesting.  Also, I like to have easy drinking beers on tap, and this one sounds like it fits the bill.


I’m leaning toward the Robust Porter… mostly because I love the style and it’s best to have while the weather is still cold/cool, which gives me about a month or two to enjoy it…



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Update – 1/28/11

Posted by Jeff on January 28, 2011

I was a little busy during the holidays, so I forgot to update… apologies!

The Owen’s Oat Brown turned out pretty good!  The beer has a velvety texture that is great and there is a nice undercurrent of light chocolate and toasty roasted flavors.

The only negative with this beer is it’s opaque haze from, I assume, the oats.  I hadn’t expected the beer to be perfectly clear, but hadn’t expected just how thick the protein haze would be.

Aside from that, the beer was great!  I think I may try to up the gravity a bit and maybe infuse a little more chocolate flavor.  Maybe add a little chocolate malt to the grain bill and see if that kicks those flavors up a notch.

As usual, I decided to make a Pumpkin Ale for Christmas.  I was pressed for time and was feeling lazy, so I didn’t use my usual recipe that included butternut squash and a wide array of spices in the boil and secondary.  Instead, I decided to use the Pumpkin Spiced Ale recipe in Brewing Classic Styles.  Here’s the recipe:

BCS Pumpkin Ale

11 lbs. 2-row
.5 lbs. Aromatic
.5 lbs. Crystal 40
.5 lbs. Crystal 120
.25 lbs. Special roast

1.2 oz Kent Goldings 5%

.5 t. Cinnamon (1 min.)
.25 t. Ginger (1 min.)
.125 t. Nutmeg (1 min.)
.125 t. Allspice (1 min.)

So, the beer came out really great… but didn’t taste spiced to me.  It makes for a great “Christmas” ale, but I wouldn’t try to pass it off as a pumpkin ale.  Next time I may try to double the spices as well as “dry” spice in secondary.

I still have half a keg left.  My beer never seems to get finished at Christmas, so next year I may not brew one for the occasion.  Although I am interested in trying to brew a pumpkin porter, so we’ll see…


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