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Migration Update

Posted by Jeff on August 18, 2010

My last post was about how my Migration Wit got all screwed up due to my careless use of flavorings.  Well, after some retrospect and some Papazian mantra therapy (“Relax. Don’t worry.  Have a homebrew.”) I’ve decided… it’s not all that bad.

Sure, this beer is a far cry from what I had originally had in mind.  I had hoped for a flavorful, yet refreshing wit with some interesting back flavor from the lavender and Belgian yeast.  What I got was something more tart and acidic.

It’s almost like a sour beer, but not really.  Just enough of a bite to make you feel it, but not the type that leaves you puckering and wincing.

I like it.  I’ve actually been having a glass almost every night!  The only negative is that the acidity doesn’t really get along with my chronic acid reflux… hence why I can only usually have one glass.

I do have some lactic acid that can tart it up a bit.  I’m thinking of entering it as a sour beer in an upcoming competition, just to see how it does.


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