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Brew Day – Owen’s Oat Brown Ale

Posted by Jeff on August 30, 2010

Well, your poll results showed that you all loved the Oat Brown… and I agreed!  Today was brewday.  Let’s begin with the recipe I devised:


Owen’s Oat Brown Ale

6 Gallons, 65% eff., 60 min. boil
EST OG – 1.052  EST IBU:  24

Transferring and cooling wort to the fermenter.

9.0 lbs – Crisp Maris Otter
1.25 lbs – Flaked Oats
1.0 lb – Brown Malt (65L)
1.0 lb – Victory Malt (25L)
0.5 lb – Crystal 40
0.25 lb – Pale Chocolate Malt (200L)

1.20 oz. – E.K. Goldings (5%AA) – 60 Min.
0.5 oz. – E.K. Goldings (5%AA) – 5 Min.

Yeast: WLP013 London Ale – Ferment at 68F.

Mash: Single infusion at 154F for 60 min


Brew day went well, aside from the heat and humidity.  I hit all the numbers I was supposed to (my OG actually came out to 1.060, so I diluted down to 1.052).  We’ll see how it goes.  During the boil the wort had a nice coffee/light roast aroma to it that I was really liking.  Hopefully that comes out in the final beer.

This is the first recipe I’ve ever really taken a stab at just coming  up with on my own (rather than taking one from the internet or a book).  I’m excited and nervous about it.  Hopefully it doesn’t suck.  And hopefully I get the flavor profile I was aiming for.  I’m thinking I should have had more Pale Chocolate malt and probably dialed back the bittering hops to 1.0 oz.  Then again, I haven’t even tried it yet, so what do I know about what needs changed!

Oh well… in the end, it’s still beer!



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What To Brew?

Posted by Jeff on August 18, 2010

Next brew day will be over Labor Day weekend.  If you would like to join, you are more than welcome!  For now, help me decide what to brew?  Just for reference, whatever I brew will probably be ready to drink by the first week in October.

Rye Wit – A beer inspired by Freetail Brewing’s Rye Wit.  Crisp and refreshing, but not too much of a “wow” factor.

Cascadian Dark – Also known as a Black IPA.  It’s a new style that’s pretty popular right now.  Quite interesting, but maybe too much flavor?

Oat Brown Ale – Inspired by Charlie Papazian’s recipe in Zymurgy.  Sounds mighty tasty.  And it would make a nice Fall beer (assuming we actually get Fall weather at any point…).

Old Ale – This one would be a tribute to my son, Owen, who is about to be born.  This would be a strong beer that is good for aging, so I could save some bottles and open a few every year on his birthday.

Blonde Ale – Just something light and easy to drink.  A lawnmower beer, if you will.  It’s hot here in Houston and it probably still will be in October.

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Migration Update

Posted by Jeff on August 18, 2010

My last post was about how my Migration Wit got all screwed up due to my careless use of flavorings.  Well, after some retrospect and some Papazian mantra therapy (“Relax. Don’t worry.  Have a homebrew.”) I’ve decided… it’s not all that bad.

Sure, this beer is a far cry from what I had originally had in mind.  I had hoped for a flavorful, yet refreshing wit with some interesting back flavor from the lavender and Belgian yeast.  What I got was something more tart and acidic.

It’s almost like a sour beer, but not really.  Just enough of a bite to make you feel it, but not the type that leaves you puckering and wincing.

I like it.  I’ve actually been having a glass almost every night!  The only negative is that the acidity doesn’t really get along with my chronic acid reflux… hence why I can only usually have one glass.

I do have some lactic acid that can tart it up a bit.  I’m thinking of entering it as a sour beer in an upcoming competition, just to see how it does.

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Fowl Migration

Posted by Jeff on August 13, 2010

Bad news update…

Migration, the wit beer I brewed at the CIA Brew In, is terrible.  The base beer seems good… but I used WAY too much orange peel.  It’s a citric acid BOMB.

It was my own fault.  I freaked out about the lavender in there and thought it would taste too soapy.  So I threw in some extra orange peel to try and out match the lavender.  Bad idea.

I doubt it will age out… so I’m contemplating adding some lacto and calling it a sour wit.  If that doesn’t work out… it’s sacrificed to the dead homies.

Le’ sigh…

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