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A Big Update

Posted by Jeff on June 11, 2010

So last weekend I had a big afternoon of beer transfers and keg cleaning.  To sum up:

– Poured out the remaining gallon of my American Brown (for the dead homies)
– Transferred Tasty’s Amber from secondary to keg
– Transferred my Amber Honey Wheat to a keg
– Transferred my Migration Wit to secondary and added spices.
– Transferred my Yaboodie! to a mini-keg.

That was a lot of work, but well worth it!  Here’s some notes:

Cleared the Brown, which has been on tap since October of 2009, to make way for the Amber.  At taste test it was considerably more hoppy than I thought it would be given the lower IBUs.

The Amber Honey Wheat finished under 1.010, but MAN ALIVE is it sweet.  In retrospect I think I should have added some 2-Row to the 1# of Crystal 55 I mini-mashed to help break down some of those sweet sugars.  Or maybe just used less C55.  Either way, I’m still holding out hope that the carbonation will level out the sweetness a little.  We shall see… can’t tap it until I get another keg emptied (and I don’t have anything else I’m willing to pour out).

The wit also finished under 1.010 and it tasted fantastic!  I added .025 oz of lavender, 0.3 oz of coriander and 0.3 oz of bitter orange peel.  I was a bit nervous about the lavender.  I’ve never used it and I don’t want it to impart a soapy flavor to the beer.  Guess I’ll just have to wait and see.  I may pull the spices and just add back fresh coriander and orange peel.

So, while I had all the wash water and sanitizing water handy, I decided to get that melomel (mead with fruit) transferred to a mini-keg and cooled down.  Well… mostly I did this out of convenience with the solutions… but part of me just wanted to give it a taste test.  Again… de-freaking-licious.  The raisins and dates added a nice dry cider character to the honey wine so it’s not too harsh.  Me likey.  Me likey, a lot.  Which is dangerous, considering it’s a 14% beverage… but whatevs.

So that’s the new beer on deck.  The Migration will be going into bottles, by the way.  So if your nice, you may be able to snag one from me.



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