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Tasty’s Amber Update

Posted by Jeff on May 26, 2010

Last Friday I transferred my batch of Tasty’s Amber to a secondary/bright tank and added the 2 oz. of Centennial dry hops.

Gravity was looking good, down to around 1.010-12. Right where I wanted it.

As for the taste… not too bad at all! I was a little concerned about the hops in this one. There was no 60 minute hop addition, so all the bitterness had to come from flavor/aroma hops. The IBU’s were only in the twenties… which I wasn’t sure about for an American Amber. But, all in all, the bitterness was just perfect!

I’m excited to sample the aroma after kegging. I’ve never dry hopped with 2 ounces before (and especially not with hops as pungent as Centennial) so I’m curious about the hop aroma and what that will add to perceived bitterness.

It’s getting kegged on Saturday (5/29) so it should be ready to drink by next weekend! Cheers!


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