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Brew Day! Tasty’s Amber Ale

Posted by Jeff on May 7, 2010

Let me run down a situation for you…

I currently have five 5-gallon kegs that are all at least half full (if not more) as well as a myriad of commercial beers in my beer fridge.  So, logically, what should I do?  BREW MOAR BEER!!

I decided to go through my recipe log and find something I haven’t brewed but wanted to.  I already have a Brown, APA, Dark Ale and Steam Beer on tap.  I thought about doing an IPA, but I wasn’t feelin’ it.  Then I came across a recipe from one of my most respected brewers, Mike “Tasty” McDole, for one of my most favorite styles, American Amber!  (Hey, I already have a Brown and APA on tap… let’s complete the trifecta!)

Here’s the recipe:


Tasty’s Amber

6.0 gallons
90 Minute Boil
Est OG – 1.056

11.0 Lbs – Two Row
1.5 Lbs – CaraPils
1.5 Lbs – Crystal 40
0.5 Lb – Wheat Malt
0.125 lb – Roasted Barley

0.5 oz. – Northern Brewer – 30 min
0.5 oz. – Northern Brewer – 15 min
0.5 oz. – Cascade – 15 min
0.5 oz. – Cascade – 5 min
2.0 oz. – Cascade – 1 min
2.0 oz. – Centennial – Dry Hop

Yeast: WLP001 – California Ale

Mash: Single Infusion at 153F for 60 min.


(Note: Tasty’s actual recipe also calls for 0.5 oz. Northern Brewer for mash hops, but I decided to omit them as I don’t think mash hopping does anything.  I could be wrong and probably am… but I didn’t feel like buying an additional ounce of hops only to use half of it and feel like it did nothing.)

So, brew day went well as can be.  I had better than expected efficiency, so I came out to an OG of 1.060.  And I forgot to make my starter.  (And, of course, by “forgot” I mean I was too lazy).  So we’ll see how well this beer ferments with just one vial of White Labs.

I was a bit concerned about the fact that there are no 60 minute hops in this recipe.  The recipe only has estimated IBUs of 29, so, we’ll see.  I trust Tasty.



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