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Frontier Fiesta Beer – Success!

Posted by Jeff on March 30, 2010

Another year of Frontier Fiesta is in the books… thank God.

So, as luck would have it, my Frontier Fiesta Amber actually turned out really nice!  I guess it just needed a week to let the flavors meld a bit.  I’ll bet that after a week or two more it would have been even better, but this beer was born for a purpose… and it’s purpose was served.

Originally I thought the beer was thin and watery… but, once again, I have to remind myself that you can’t judge a beer immediately after fermentation!  It was a very nice smooth drinking beer.  Aroma was fairly neutral with some sweetness.  Visually, the beer was a murky amber orange color.  I think the yeast I used didn’t flocculate out very well, but whereas it was murky, I think the suspended yeast gave it a hint of character and mouthfeel.

As for the taste… I thought it was a fine beer.  Very unassuming and very crowd pleasing.  There wasn’t any residual sweetness (great for a beer you are drinking during a warm day at a BBQ cookoff) and the hops were just enough to keep the beer in balance, but not come through on the flavor too much.  There was a small hop bitterness lingering on the back of the tounge in the aftertaste that one person said was reminiscent of lime.

All in all, the beer was just what I wanted it to be.  A very easy drinking, well balanced crowd pleasing beer that you could enjoy multiple pints of.  I didn’t want to shock anyone with hops or blow their minds with caramel/toffee flavors.

Everyone who drank it (except the one guy who made the comment about the lime flavor) really enjoyed it!  Looks like I may keep that recipe on hand for future Frontier Fiestas!


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