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Frontier Fiesta Amber – Update

Posted by Jeff on March 22, 2010

Just kegged it tonight.  Going to try to carbonate it in 6 days.

Final gravity came out well… but this beer tastes really thin.  I’m not impressed at all.  Then again, 2 lbs of corn in the grain bill, a low mash temp and having to add water before fermentation to bring down the gravity all probably played a part in it.

Looks like it rings it at 6% ABV.

I’m debating whether or not to take it to Fiesta.  On the one hand, it’s fairly bland, so it may go over well with the masses.  On the other hand… it’s a piss poor representation of my brewing.  (So maybe I just bust it out around 1AM…)

I’ll carbonate it and check on it on Friday. 

On the plus side, this is the first beer I’ve made in my conical since replacing the gaskets (I had a bad off flavor coming from all of my conical fermented beers which I hypothesised was probably the 3 year old gaskets).  The beer came out withOUT the specific off-flavor I’ve been getting in my beers… so that’s good.

Here’s hoping… check back in a week and see how it went.


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