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Update – 2/8/10

Posted by Jeff on February 8, 2010

Had a big day yesterday… I had 2 beers sitting in secondary, ready to be kegged… just needed an open tap in the kegerator.

Well, the Oatmeal Stout finally kicked (last pint was bottled to send to my cousin for a homebrew exchange), so that freed up a tap!  So yesterday I transferred both beers to keg and went ahead and put one of them on tap.

So… here’s where I stand with what’s on tap:

1) Dubbel Duck – Belgian Dubbel Ale
2) Duck Pond Brown – Brown Ale
3) MallardSteam – Steam Beer
4) Spiced Amber Ale

The “Spiced Amber” is actually my holiday pumpkin beer… but, due to the funky off flavor it got during fermentation, it tastes more like a spiced amber ale than a pumpkin beer… so I’m calling it that.

On deck I have a keg of Darkwing Duck – Dark Ale.  Just a nice little extract beer I made for fun.  (See previous blog posts for more info).

Seeing as how the other kegs on tap are fairly full, I’m not sure when Darkwing will get on tap.  Need help draining the reserves… any takers?


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