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Wort’s Happening With Thirsty Mallard

Posted by Jeff on January 27, 2010

Wort’s happening… see what I did there?!  See!?  Because “worts” sounds kinda like “what’s”!  So original…

Ok… so the Steam Beer is in the secondary.  Actually, it needs to get into the kegerator, I’ve just been too busy to move it.  But that’s alright… a little aging won’t hurt it.  Upon transferring to secondary I gave it a taste and it was pretty damn good!  I’m really looking forward to having this beer on tap.  I’m considering filtering it… but I think, in true Steam Beer tradition, I won’t.

I’ve been mulling over names for the beer.  I like MallardSteam and Old Prospector.  I’d like to make the name/label to have a connection to the California Gold Rush of 1849 since that’s the origin of steam beer. 

I also brewed another beer… something nostalgic.  Check my next blog post for that update. 

Alright… so as for inventory… right now on tap I’ve got Dubbel Duck (Belgian Dubbel), Duck Pond Brown Ale, Thirsty Mallard Oatmeal Stout and technically the spiced holiday ale with the funky off flavor is on tap, but probably won’t be for long.

The Oatmeal Stout is a few pints from kicking.  I’m going to try to bottle what’s left for competition (Bluebonnet Brew Off) to free up space for the Steam Beer. 

So that’s wort’s happening!  (HA!)


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