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Brew Day! Steam Beer/Cal Common

Posted by Jeff on December 27, 2009

Today I’ll be brewing a Cal Common.  Due to a slight miscalculation, I’ll be making a bit less than normal as I am shooting for 4.5 gallons as opposed to 5.5 gallons.  I’m a little short on gravity and don’t have any DME lying around… so I’ll just have to sacrifice some quantity to for a gravity boost.

Here’s the recipe:

Thirsty Mallard Brewing – Cal Common
All-Grain, 4.5 gallons
60 minute boil, 68% Eff.
EST OG – 1.045
EST IBU – 36

7 lbs – Two Row
0.75 lbs – Crystal 45
0.50 lbs – CaraPils

0.75 oz – Northern Brewer – 8.5%AA – 60 min.
0.50 oz – Northern Brewer – 8.5%AA – 10 min.
0.75 oz – Northern Brewer – 0 min.

Yeast:  WLP810 – San Fransisco Lager

Mash:   Single infusion @ 153F for 60 min

So there you have it.  The hopping is a bit weird, but I wanted to keep the hops on the lower end of the style, so I played with them a bit.  The 0 minute addition was just the hops that would be left over, so I figured I’d throw them in for good measure.  Plus I like the aroma of Northern Brewer, so I think it will be a nice touch to the final beer.

I won’t be fermenting in my temp controlled conical this time.  As it goes, any beer I put in there seems to come out tasting funky.  I’ve had quite a few batches go south and after a process of elimination, the fermenter has to be the cause.  I think it’s because, since I’m so smart, I’ve never replaced the gaskets and I have a funky bacteria living in them.  I’ve ordered new gaskets in hopes that the problem goes away.  I’d hate to not be able to use a $1,500 fermenter… but I also am getting tired of ruined batches.

So this batch will go in a carboy and sit in the cool garage and I’ll just hope for the best.  Anything has to be better than the funky beers I’ve been cranking out lately…

I’ll post with progress after the ferment!


PS – I’ll need a good name for the beer.  I welcome suggestions.


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