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Beer & Brewing Update

Posted by Jeff on August 17, 2009

Well faithful readers (HA!), I know the blog has been sparse lately.  Shame on me.  I guess you could call this my “beer off-season”. 

With my triathlon training (visit my tri blog at: I have been limiting my drinking to weekends only (usually).  Combine that with the fact that I just moved and am getting my new house set up for the last few months, which means I haven’t brewed or bought much good beer (no beer fridge yet).

But, alas… I must update, at least a little.

Ok, so let’s see… the only homebrew I have right now is some Oatmeal Stout left over from February… but it’s close to gone.  I’ll be hosting a brew-in with my homebrew club, the Cane Island Alers, next weekend.  I’ll be making a Belgian Strong Dark Ale.  I may make a quick extract hefe, too… just to try and replenish the supplies, but we’ll see…

Aside from that… not much else to report.  See why I haven’t blogged recently!

Hopefully, now that the move is over and triathlon season is coming to an end, I can get back on track…


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